Plastic pads and blocks

Plastic plugs and plates

Highlight your jewelry with our selection of plastic studs and plates, designed to elevate the presentation of your creations to new heights. At Condevera, we are proud to offer practical and elegant solutions that highlight the unique beauty of your jewelry.

Our display tray plugs are the secret to adding dimension and elegance to your presentation. Elevate your jewelry in a subtle way, creating a showcase that reflects the quality and attention to detail that characterizes your creations.

The plastic plates offer a solid, transparent base to display your jewelry, ensuring a flawless presentation. Its versatile design adapts to different styles and sizes of jewelry, giving you the flexibility to highlight the uniqueness of each piece.

At Condevera, we understand the importance of careful presentation, and our plastic studs and plates are the perfect choice for jewelers looking for a fusion of functionality and style. Discover how these elements can transform your display and highlight the exceptional quality of your jewelry. With Condevera, each presentation tells a story of elegance and professionalism.